Serah terima penjagaan telah dilaksanakan Anggota Polsek Kandangan

Tribrata News HSS Polres – The handover of the Kandangan Police Guard task from the old guard officer to the new guard officers is carried out routinely at the Kandangan Police Station which today is led by the KKT SPKT Police Station Aipda Andrian Arian located in front of the Kandanganย  Police Station Guard , (29-07- 2020)

This activity must be carried out when the change of duty in order to increase the vigilance of mako guard, bearing in mind that lately the National Police has become the target of attacks from irresponsible parties.

In the handover of guard duty activities, the old guard and the new guard must check inventory, control of the detention room and the number of detainees and what events have been handled by the old guard.

On this occasion Aipda Andrian said, to increase vigilance and cooperation in carrying out the task.

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